AstroNova Wins Exclusive Contract

AstroNova, a provider of data visualization technologies, said pre-market Monday it won an exclusive contract from China Electronics Technology Avionics (CETCA). AstroNova will provide the ToughWriter 5 flight deck printer to provide the printing function for the CETCA supplied Information System for the new COMAC C919 aircraft, made by the Commercial Aircraft of China (COMAC).

The value of the contract was not disclosed. “We see this agreement as an important catalyst in our strategy to further expand our Aerospace business in China and other markets around the world,” AstroNova President and CEO Greg Woods. The ToughWriter 5 is the industry’s smallest and lightest wide-format flight deck printer. AstroNova Aerospace printers are relied on by commercial and business aerospace customers to print flight plans, navigation information, ACARS messages and performance data.